How to sleep during pregnancy | Best Sleeping Position during pregnancy

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Best Sleeping Position during pregnancy

it is well known that during pregnancy pregnant women have to take extra care of
her diet and she also Alters her diet as the pregnancy progress so likewise in today’s video we will discuss what all are the sleeping style a pregnant woman can sleep in and which is the right
the style which is the correct style which is the wrong style which positions she should sleep in and which position she should avoid while sleeping.

and also understand that while sleeping you should bend your legs in this way as you are seeing in this picture and try that you are keeping a pillow between your two legs this way you are just reducing the pressure that will be

falling on your knees as well let me tell you what is the right way to get out of bed or get up from the bed so guys to get out of bed as as we have discussed that the right position to sleep in is taking your left side so a pregnant woman should get up slowly from the left side only she should not straight away get up she should first sit on the bed from the left side she should get up and first she should sit on the bed and then she can come out of the bed slowly by standing up when you are getting onto the bed you have to perform the reverse operation for this that means you have to stand you have to sit and you have to lay down on your bed left side and if you are doing this thing awesome there will be no problem in your pregnancy a

baby will be having ample amount of oxygen the development of your baby will be fine and you will deliver a healthy baby so guys be extra cautious while you’re sleeping while you’re getting out of bed while you’re getting onto the bed please follow the tips that we have discussed in this video if you think that in some way this video had been

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