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hello everyone and welcome to thissession on top digital marketing tools to grow your business. digital marketingis the act of selling products andservices through channels such as socialmedia seo email and mobile apps.

having the right set of software tools tomanage data insights content digital marketing is essential without the rightones you won’t be able to create astrategy which reaches target customers.

in this article you will learn all about major digital marketing tools required to grow your businessso without further ado let’s start the session.

let’s takea look at the agenda for this session we’re going to start with a brief introduction to what exactly is digital marketing and then we’ll deep dive intothe various digital marketing tools.

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digital marketing

to sum up this session we will discuss afew digital marketing extensions and ihope the agenda is clear to you guys so without any further ado let’s begin sowhat exactly is digital marketing there may be a few misconceptions regardingthe exact definition of digital marketing but to simply explain digital marketing we can call it as a process tos how case the campaigns and unique selling points to the customers.

through digital channels that include socialmedia emails website search engines etceffective digital marketing solves thegap between the organization and theircustomers in a way where they can understand their audience and their behavior they can also map the insightstoward better campaigns.

which willtarget the sections that are going toamplify the impact and the conversion rate of course it amplifies the irpresence on social media and itexponentially increases their searchengine ratings through effectivemarketing strategies so in the wholeprocess the effectiveness of the digital marketing campaigns or simply putdigital marketing can be easily propagated through specific tools and extensions and these tools accom plishs pecific objectives and get the job done.

so let’s go ahead and take a look atthese top digital marketing tools thatyou can use to map your digitalmarketing campaigns so we have listeddown a few of these tools and let’sstart with the first tool at hand whichis google trends so the google trends isa tool that provides.

the real-time keyword search data based on the search queries on the google search engine the advantages of using google trends foryour digital marketing campaigns will help you plan your campaigns according to the search volumes and if these search volume can be for a specific keyword that is going to relate to the product or the campaign.

some of the advantages of using google trends are you can have the accurate keyword datausing the google trends then there is atime-based insights for keywords thatyou can find over there there areshort-term and long-time trends you canuse for insights and then of course the keyword insights you can get fordifferent demographies.

which means youcan get the trends for usa foreurope and then you can find it for aspecific country like india or any othercountries now that we are done with thefirst one let’s talk about the second tool.

that we have which is the keywordtool or keyword tool dot io so this toolis a much enhanced version of the googletrends search tool it is not onlyproviding you the insights from thekeywords it will also come up with along list of related keywords and theselists can be consisting of as much as 750 related keywords the tool makes useof google autocomplete and can evengenerate the tax for youtube as well the advantage of using keyword tools is thatit will create a long tail of keywordsthat are related to the original keywordand it will be generated for a betterinsight it will also include keywords for other platforms like i’ve already told you youtube and then you can findit for bing for app store etc so this isall about keyword tool let’s move on tothe next tool that we have this issimilar web.

so similar web is a digitalintelligence provider it basically is aplatform that will provide you web analytics services web traffic andperformance of websites so it alsoprovides the comparison features of thecompetitors website so you can actuallyget the insight about how your websiteis going to berelated to or how it is different fromthe competitors website or what all youcan do to make it better the advantagesof using similar web can beone is that you get to do the competitoranalysis regarding your website onmetrics that will basically include thekeyword search and others as well andother features like traffic metrics andthen you can find out.

the engagementmetrics of your website and the devicedistribution that are among the listthese are all the features that you getwith similar web now let’s take a lookat the next tool that we have so nextone is the b fonts.

so the b fontsdigital marketing tool basicallyprovides you a high quality designfeature for the campaigns the featuresinclude high quality fonts that areavailable for free you can download themfor free from their website and theusers can download the fonts and eventry those fonts before downloading themso this is basically creating anadvantage of using b fonts where you getthe high quality uh designs where you can choose from for absolutely noadditional cost and this can be a veryuseful toolwhile designing.

the campaigns for socialmedia or any otheryou know the social media channels whereyou can get the high quality designs andcreate something better which will giveyou the aesthetics of whatever you’recreating it could be any card or itcould be any social media post thatyou’re creating now coming on to thenext tool that we have any image so anyimage is a digital marketing tool whichis quite unique in its way it takes any image any sort of image as an input andthen converts it just a quick info guysif you want to make a career in digital marketing then intellipaat provides aadvanced certification in digitalmarketing and analytics it is taught byiit professors and industry experts with more than 10 years of experience thiscourse is designed to upskill and landyour dream job.

now let’s continue withthe session into a clickable resourcethat will point to the target url andthen of course you have to give thetarget url also and as peculiar as it isit is quite useful in digital marketing be causew here you can use this uh clickable cards is that social media platformslike facebook and twitter and linkedinyou can post these uh clickableresources there and you can generatetraffic from over there or whatever linkyou have given the traffic will bepointed towards that all right so we’redone with the any image tool the digital marketing tool let’s move on to the nextone.

so the next tool that we have iscanva canva is a high quality graphicdesign digital marketing tool that has avery easy to use interface for its usersit helps us in creating a very highquality graphical design in the form ofposters in the form of cards in the formof presentations and even videos.

so youcan simply choose which platform youneed to create your graphic design forit could be facebook it could beinstagram post or anything else and youhave the options ranging from socialmedia posts there is an option to createpresentations separately there is aoption to create print media as well.

so you can create designs for your printmedia and uh like newsletters etc thereare videos you can choose from so theseare the advantages you have with canvaall right so next up we haveworld vector logo world vector logo hasthe largest svg logo vector collectionand this website provides us with allthe logos that work with every imageediting software and we can download unlimited logos for free so simply putworld vector logo is a platform.

whereyou can just search for any company orany organization and it will provide youwith a downloadable file that will havethe logo and it is compatible with everysoftware there is all right so next upwe have answer the public this digitalmarketing tool can help you gatherinsights about the user search practicesand identify the trends between them sothe tool can help you engage with thetarget audience based on the insightsabout search data.

and the trend so theadvantage of this tool is to create thesuccess of the campaign since it’s notgoing to be based on mere guessworks orany hunches that we have we are relyingon search data that is going to pointtowards a recent trend and it will helpus engage with the audience precisely onthat particular trend so that is whyanswer the public is one of the mostimportant tools in digital marketing youcan use for free now next up we havesmall seo tools.

so this digitalmarketing tool can be treated as abundle of small tools that help youboost the seo of your web pages orwebsite the tools range from plagiarismchecker to finding the rank of thekeyword the backlinks tracker there is agrammar tool the domain authoritychecker these are some of the tools thatyou have a small seo.

and you can usethese toolsto scale the seo practices for yourcampaigns and boost your website’sranking as well so this is also one ofthe most important tools where you canuse these small tools uh for a betterseotrack for your websites so now that wehave discussed these top three digitalmarketing tools let’s also take a lookat a few of these extensions that we have.

so first of all we have the moz barso mozbar is actually a free chromeextension it provides us with the linkmetrics of the web page and you candownload it as an extension to yourgoogle browser and one can check thedomain authority page authority and allthose scores that you have from thisextension next up we have anotherextension which is seo meta in one click.

so seo meta in one click is basically atool that will display all the meta tagsall the metadata and main seoinformation very clearly so this preciseinformation you can use for bettercampaigns and one can see all these metatags heading info or the images in forthe link info through this website allright so the next extension that we haveis the multiple url opener.

so this toolbasically allows us to open multipleurls simultaneously so we can eithermanually input the urls or copy andpaste them with one click and all theurls will open in a separate tabs nextup we have the google serp counter sothis tool basically shows us the organicranking of the website on search enginesresult pages.

so this can be a usefultool in tracking down uh the success ofyour webpages or your website you canbasically figure out where it’s rankingand it’s it’s one of the most importantparts when you’re doing any digitalmarketing campaigns and last but notleast we have the vid iq video analysis tool.

so vid iq is basically a youtubechannel management tool and it providesus with metrics like seo score theadvanced video metrics advanced channelmetrics and many more for free and this tool also provides keyword research features for youtube and whenever you’reuploading a video on youtube for example you have to put down a lot of tags and all those things information to make ituh look better or make it rank on thesearches that’s where vidiq comes intopicture it will provide you with metricsw here you can add the tags.

and you canfigure out how many number of cards youhave to put down with the video and allthose things so with this we have cometo the end of the session guys just aquick info guys if you want to make acareer in digital marketing thenintellipaat provides a advancedcertification in digital marketing andanalytics it is taught by iit professorsand industry experts with more than 10years of experience this course isdesigned to upskill and land your dreamjob

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