What is Female?

When we speak of “the female”, what usually comes to mind is some kind of animal with the ability to reproduce. Humans are one of these animals. But in truth, there is no such thing as a female human being. A female human being is just a woman, a man, a boy, or sometimes a girl. A female animal is obviously not female.


Male reproduction is often thought to be necessary because the Y chromosomes (which are most closely related to humans) do not reproduce until a man-Y chromosome enters an egg. In humans, the Y chromosome only reproduces female sex characteristics. So, women are all female (X) chromosomes, all women are female (X), and all women are female (X chromosomes). Male reproduction may involve sex chromosomes with the Y chromosomes, but they are not female ones.

Sexually reproducing animals such as men and women differ in several ways. Men can have children while women have only one. Men can reproduce multiple times while women only reproduce once. Men can have different sperm types while women only have one. These differences in nature make it difficult to generalize and predict the behavior of all adult female humans.

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